Seventh and eighth graders are a unique bunch and they need to be reached using unique strategies. Many educational experts call this demographic “tweeners” because they are “in-between” 2 important and distinctively different stages of life and adolescent development. They are too young to drive a car or have a job yet they are exposed to the real life pressures of school, peer pressure and the struggle to fit in. For these reasons we have created a space specifically for 7th and 8th grade students called “Route 78”. We want to help students in this age group find their way and connect them to a real life-giving relationship with God.

We want middle school students to LOVE coming to church where they feel safe, secure and included. We have designed our messages to be up-beat, fun and relatable to middle school students. In a world lacking in quality role models, our teachers understand the value in developing trusting, long term relationships and are enthusiastic about reaching middle school students!