Wedding Planning

It is an awesome and honorable thing to be joined in marriage to the one that God has brought into your life. We consider it a privilege to be a part of such a covenant relationship. At Resurrection Life, before we commit to presiding over any weddings, we require that the couple meet the following requirements:

  • The couple must first participate in pre-marital counseling with one of our pastors.
  • You and your fiance must attend services at Resurrection Life faithfully (for a minimum of 6 months)
  • You have both committed to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have carefully prepared a document answering any other questions regarding the above mentioned requirements.  You should find answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as our policy regarding other issues that pertain to marriage or remarriage policies.  Please download the following document. (it is in pdf file format).

If you desire to get married and meet the criteria above, please fill out this form along with the date you desire and we will get back to you with any details that you may require.