Water Baptism

Water baptismWater Baptism is an outward action that indicates an inward decision you make to put the "old man"; the "sin nature" that all of has, behind you; to allow God and His Spirit to manifest Himself, in an even greater way in your life, on a daily basis. The bible tells us that Jesus must increase in our lives and that we must decrease. Here at Res Life we baptize individuals by 'full immersion'. Baptism by immersion, simply put, is going completely under the water and back out. While under the water, God supernaturally removes that "sin nature" from inside you. The Bible says that it is through faith that you were saved.

Water baptism is no different. We encourage you to attach faith to the action, as you experience this incredible event in your life. As Pastor John says, "water baptism without faith attached is simply taking a bath." By releasing faith in the action, God is always faithful to move on our behalf.

We offer opportunities for individuals to get Water Baptized throughout the year. If you are interested in getting Water Baptized, click here and fill out this form. We will have someone get back to you with details on how you can fully prepare for this memorable event that will produce everlasting results in your life!